Samara | New York, NY

I started working with Hillary 6 months before my wedding. I wasn’t sure how much she could help me, as I feel I know a lot about nutrition, but I was having a hard time losing some weight. I was surprised by how much she was able to help me! I knew the right things to do, but I did not have a very good sense of how to plan and strategize, so those right things became easy to accomplish.

Hillary helped me plan for many different occasions: work, travel, weekends, restaurants, parties and more. Her advice was carefully tailored for my lifestyle, the places I currently shopped, the restaurants I liked best, the cafeteria at work. I lost 15lbs, gradually, and feel great. I have been to many spas and had nutritional consultations before, but never met anyone with so much practical advice and the ability to listen and make an impact.

Christie VanderLaan