Sara | Summit, NJ

When I went to see Hillary for the first time, I was newly pregnant with my third child and I was fifteen pounds heavier than I wanted to be.  I had a friend who had only wanted to lose five pounds was having success seeing Hillary.  She told me how encouraging Hillary was and how her ideas for preparing healthy, low calorie foods were actually filling and delicious.  I went and presented Hillary with my dilemma:  I was starting my third pregnancy with extra weight and also really wanted to keep the weight gain lower during this pregnancy than I had in the previous two. My work with Hillary resulted in me feeling confident that I didn’t need to eat so much unhealthy food while I was pregnant.  I ended up gaining far fewer pounds and feeling much more active and healthy during my final pregnancy in large part because of Hillary’s great advice and expertise in nutrition during pregnancy.

When the baby was four months old I went back to Hillary for another short series of appointments, and she helped me once again, this time with losing the baby weight.  Hillary’s advice and words still resonate with me when I open the refrigerator, when I eat breakfast, when I enjoy a good restaurant. With Hillary’s tips I’ve been able to enjoy the balance of exercise and eating healthier.  As I am not intuitive as a cook, I am also grateful for the basic cooking tips she has given me in addition to her many recipes.  I highly recommend going to see Hilary Irwin.  She will help you make shifts in your diet and habits that can last a long time.

Christie VanderLaan